How to prevent Cockpit from rewriting urls/paths? especially full paths?

I’m using both a dev environment (, a production environment(, and a local environment for my site. I use cockpit ( to manage the data, and for the WYSIWYG fields I set:

  "editor": {
    "relative_urls": true,
    "remove_script_host": false,
    "document_base_url": ""

Because my relative links were being rewritten. This works, however if I upload an image through cockpit and put it in the WYSIWYG, the path to the asset is incorrect.

How do I prevent cockpit from messing with the urls at all?

Secondarily - I would classify the following behavior as a bug:
Entering a fully qualified url (http://mysite…) for an image asset, etc. in the WYSIWYG editor, Cockpit rewrites this url. Expected behavior is that the url logic would ignore any fully qualified urls.

I also posted on SO, and created a tag for cockpit cms: