Overwrite Translations in Plugin

Hi there,

i’m using some Plugins like:

How can i add a german translation? Did i have to make a change Request for the Plugin or can i make an extra translation file for everything?

This seems to depend on your plugin of joice. If the plugin author used the i18n methods

  • in template: lang($stringName)
  • in backend: $app("i18n")->get($stringName)

then you should be fine by extending the backends language file in your /config/cockpit/i18n directory.

Otherwise you’ll have to update the plugin, replacing all strings using the i18n methods and THEN you can extend your language file :slight_smile:

Regarding the mentioned plugin, it seems to support the i18n module.

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Nice, thanks that you answer in Generell and in special of this plugin. :v: