New Addon - Helpers


Hi, Cockpit community!

This addon (still work in progress) combines few things that I think would improve Cockpit usage and maybe some of the ideas (e.g. json preview) can be ported to the core.


the json preview (and raw edit) is already on my todolist. but keep it coming maybe some ideas will make it to the core :wink:


In the meantime added some new features, the one that think could be interesting to explore is an add-on installer, resuming, for the project I’m working it makes sense to store data structures like singletons, forms, collections in add-ons (so its possible to spin a new instance of cockpit with all dependencies and not have to share the storage folder).


Updated the JSON feature to support the raw edit.


it’s Possible to Only Active the View of Json. Not the Edit?


Good point @fschuermeyer, updated the code to support it via ACL:

  jsonview: true
  jsonedit: false


Thanks for your nice work <3 i love a lot of your Addons :slight_smile:


Updated addon with a mechanism to override content preview URL using the config.yaml. Since the content preview is tied with the collection definition is not possible for example to have a preview url for local environment and other for dev/stage/production, etc… Addon overrides that.