Is MySQL database supported

Is MySQL database supported or only SQLite and MongoDB?

I looked in the documentation but didn’t find an answer. If yes then please also mention how to configure it.

No MySQL support, sorry

Thanks for the reply. I’ll file a feature request as I think MySQL support is very important for adoption. MySQL allows connecting to the database directly and executing complex queries that are not supported via the api. I believe it shouldn’t be too hard since it’s not too different from SQLite.

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Cockpit needs as JSON based db (Document storage). So the recommended db is mongodb here. Sqlite is used as an alternative because you can register custom sql functions to simulate a document storage. this is not possible with mysql.

Thanks. I understand better now. So the structure is not relational to start with which would not make it very useful for making direct sql queries.

Actually with mysql 5.7 there is a JSON data type which I use all the time for document storage - it shouldn’t be such a big deal to convert.

This was already done. Have a look at: