HTML/WYSIWYG field nested in SET does not update content when switching content language

Example collection item:

Text : type text
HTML : type html
SET : type set
NestedText : type text (nested in Set)
NestedHTML : type html (nested in Set)

All fields have the localize option enabled. I do have two languages: default + EN

When I now enter some values and then use the button to switch from the default language to EN the two text fields and the HTML field are emptied, however the NestedHTML field continues to hold the content. Modifying the NestedHTML fields content and then switching back to the default language will also not reset the fields contents to the default language.

I had a look at the code and I traced the problem back to this few lines

if (editor && this._field != field) {
    editor.setContent(this.value || '');

When the field is not nested in a set the value of the “field” variable will change from “HTML” to “HTML_en”. However when the field is nested inside a set the field name does not change as it is the name of the set that changes.

What purpose does this field name comparison have? Can I savely omit it to get translation working for me? I am under a bit of pressure and do have to fix this bug rather quickly …

Hey @moehler, my suggestion is to open a bug on the github issue list.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did do that now too but the reason that I didn’t do that in the first place is that the issue tracker is more or less dead with barely any responses. (I posted there in the past)

It’s fine to have the issue also raised here, but due to the nature of it (seem clearly a bug) better to be handled in the github repo.