How to get quantity number of my entries

Is there any mysqli_num_rows() like API call I can make to receive the number of my entries?

I decided to check if $elements = cockpit(‘collections’)->count(‘elements’); will work… and it works!

Where can I find the full REST API documentation? I cant work blindly with your product! Very little information you gave.

If you send a request to, the response should look like this:

"fields": {...},
"entries": [...],
"total": 5

The total is your count.

If you want a smaller size of the response, use the fields filter, so the entries object only contains the _id.

If you want a rest api endpoint, that only counts, you have to create your own:


// check filters
$options = [];
return ['total' => cockpit('collections')->count('elements', $options)];

Have a look at the RestApi controller to see how the core filtering works: