How to create a addon


I wonder if there are any docs on how to create a new addon?
And after that if there is any API documentation for it aswell.

Thanks in advance.

No there is no documentation on how to create addons.

I recommend looking at other addons in order to understand how to create one your self.

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Alright. Kinda bad since this does not invite to get more addons and extemd the community. But ill check it out

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Cockpit is stil a free one person project. Its quite simple: If you want support you can still pay for it. If not you have to take what you can get from the community and self found sources.

@xJoeyv it will require some time to have more users involved and participating, that’s the way opensource projects usually work. The addon architecture is quite simple, as @serjoscha87 said you can learn by inspecting the existing ones.

Cockpit has a lot of ways to get modified. A few of them are documented. If you read anything in the issues or in this forum about adding code to config/bootstrap.php, this same code could be in an addon with the same effect. The difference here is, if you want to modify it fast and simple or if you want to provide a reusable addon.

Addons are handled the same like core modules (collections, singletons, forms). So, each addon will be auto-registered as a cockpit module. Theoretically, there is no difference, if you put your addon in /modules or in /addons. There is some logic to auto-register the path name to short forms when linking assets etc. But this is advanced stuff for now.

First steps to create an addon

  • create a folder customaddon in path/to/cockpit/addons
  • add a file bootstrap.php in the root of /customaddon
  • write your custom code
    • choose an event
    • modify anything
  • if you add assets or custom controllers (classes), try to follow the naming convention of the core modules to keep it clearly

content of customaddon/bootstrap.php

Now it’s complicated. There are so much possible ways… It depends on what you want to achieve. The most common use case is to add some checks or to modify data when an event is fired. Another use case is to modify the UI.

Let’s start with a very simple example and add ‘Hello world!’ to the top of the UI.

$app->on('app.layout.contentbefore', function(){

    echo 'Hello world!';
    // Obviously, this was useless. Let's discover the whole structure of cockpit instead:
    echo '<pre>' . print_r($this, true) . '</pre>';


The next example adds absolute paths to assets meta data, when an asset is saved.

$app->on('', function(&$assets) use ($app) {
    foreach ($assets as &$asset) {
        // add paths
        $asset['absolute_path'] = $app['site_url'] . $app['base_url'] . '/storage/uploads' . $asset['path'];
        $asset['real_path'] = COCKPIT_DIR . '/storage/uploads' . $asset['path'];

Now let’s replace the dashboard with the entries view of a collection named “pages”:

$app->on('admin.init', function() {

    $this->bind('/', function(){
        return $this->invoke('Collections\\Controller\\Admin', 'entries', ['collection' => 'pages']);

    $this->bind('/cockpit/dashboard', function(){


Now it should be clear, why there is no explicit way to create an addon. You can extend cockpit with anything, you can imagine and there are several ways to reach your goal.

Enough examples… if you want some inspiration, read the code from other addons, search the issues, read the core code and ask for help. Also keep in mind, that sometimes your problem is interesting enough to get answered immediately and sometimes…

I also collected a few code snippets for multiple use cases. The readme contains a list of addons, I wrote, too:

A list with all events (scroll down or use the search function to find the files where they are fired and the possible/necessary arguments):


Got dayum this is such a good way to start. Can you not create a topic and lock it and pin it to the top?

Also I will look into the stuf, I know want to make a couple addons for new fieldtypes or add options to existing ones. But you explaination is awesome. Thanks

Thanks for the compliment :slight_smile: Actually, I started the post with “Let me try a very short summary” and when I finished writing, I had to delete the first sentence.

I think about it, but your topic exists already and it has the right title if others search for it. If I produce nice text blocks for the “advanced stuff” in the future, they all could merged to a development guide.

Which new field types do you have in mind?