Help me with cockpit

Very cool product! I like the admin panel. But I have a few things that I did not understand. I want to give users the ability to add content from the front-end. And here is what I did not understand at first glance at the cockpit:

  • User registration api? And i can not find user groups in admin panel…
  • Collections subcategory. Is it possible to create subcategories in collections to organize content?
  • I want sent email to user (activation link or similar) on registration and one on content submit


You can create user groups in the config file. or with the groups addon.

config.yaml example:

            backend: true

Parent/child collections aren’t possible. You could create a collection with collection-link fields, that list all other collections… or you could enable “Custom sortable entries” to have child entries inside a collection.

You can use the event system. Add a snippet to /config/bootstrap.php

$app->on('', function($name, &$entry, $isUpdate) {
    // send mail
$app->on('', function(&$data, $isUpdate) {
    if (!$isUpdate) // send mail

send mail (after you added your smtp options in your config file):

try {
    $options = []; // custom mailer options
    $response = $app->mailer->mail('', 'subject', 'Hello, this is the mail content', $options);
} catch (\Exception $e) {
    $response = $e->getMessage();

Thanks! I do not understand the process of creating a new user and his authorization. Should I give the user his Token for authorization? user should send an email and password, and if successful, get a token

The user system is meant to manage users with backend access, but you could use it for other users, too. Personally, I would create a collection with users and a custom api key with very limited rights to save contents in this collection.

Yes, that’s the default. Cockpit always needs a token for api calls. If you want to bypass it, you culd try this: