Help importing a CSV with a multi-select field

Hello. Running 0.9.3 and I have a CSV I’d like to import. For the most part it’s working well (setting the CSV’s first row as the same field name makes the field mapping virtually hands-off, love it!), however, I do have a multi-select field that doesn’t seem to import. I was wondering if there’s a format I can apply so it would import.

For example, my CSV looks like this. The “roles” field is the multi-select and the only one not working. The three rows I’ve just attempted to tinker with the format in attempt to get the multi-select field to import. (The double quotes are just looking at the raw CSV file in a text-editor, in spreadsheet, it’s just JSON – [“1”, “2”])

name, title, roles
"Test Person", "Test Title", "1"
"Test Person 2", "Test Title 2", "1, 2"
"Test Person 3", "Test Title 3", "[""1"", ""3""]"

Maybe not the most efficient way, but I did solve my issue by converting my CSV to JSON and imported it that way instead of CSV, which did work. :slight_smile:

    "name": "Test Person",
    "title": "Test Title",
    "roles": ["1"]
    "name": "Test Person 2",
    "title": "Test Title 2",
    "roles": ["1", "2"]
    "name": "Test Person 3",
    "title": "Test Title 3",
    "roles": ["1", "3"]