Git ignore everywhere

I wanted to know why on, add-on folder, upload folder, data folder, config folder and etc I have git ignore file?
I really need this folders and files to be on git.
It’s ok to remove it?

You can safely remove them, but you have to remember the files when you update cockpit.

Cache and thumbs can be ignored - they will be regenerated on the remote.

I think, the .gitignore files should be removed completely and I opened an issue before, but I’m not sure about merge conflicts or other git issues when switching between older branches with different .gitignore files.

Also some internal checks (/install on first run and the FlySystem lib) rely on existing folders, so there is some work to do before removing them.

A different approach would be to change the internal paths of all folders you need, create a different git repository for them and update it separately.

Have a look here for inspiration: