Getting GraphQL Schema Introspection

Hey there,

I tried to get the GraphQL Schemas with apollo rover but got a server error.
→ rover graph introspect

Did i do something wrong or is introspection not enabled in Cockpit?


Never used/tested rover but introspection queries are working for me using the internal graphql playground:

Ah ok, intersting.
I will try that out.

Maybe I also find out why rover does not work.

Thank you

Hey there,

i managed to get the complete schema but found a potential bug on the way.
I added a content type called “page items” in my model.

but graphql only supports:
Names must only contain [_a-zA-Z0-9] but "page items" does not.

But it seems the whitespace hasn’t been removed in the response

the schema response looked like this:

              "name": "page items",
              "description": null,
              "args": [],
              "type": {
                "kind": "SCALAR",
                "name": "JsonType",
                "ofType": null
              "isDeprecated": false,
              "deprecationReason": null

another thing that is weird, is that when i just open the graphql endpoint in the browser the following error is thrown:

{"errors":[{"message":"Syntax Error: Expected Name, found }","extensions":{"category":"graphql"},"locations":[{"line":1,"column":2}]}]}

Maybe this is helpful