GDPR and ISO 27001

I was wondering if Cockpit is GDPR compliant out of the box?
Also, does Cockpit pass ISO 27001?

I’m bumping this question because of a project that would require the same.

@josephkiwan have you figured it out yet?

Cockpit doesn’t have a ISO 27001 certification, but shouldn’t be the environment/infrastructure ISO 27001 compliant not the app you’re using?

Regarding GDPR, I would say yes. Besides the usere related account information(name, email) no other private user data is stored. Cookies store only session related information. No user tracking etc is used.

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Thank you for your reply. You’re right about the environment/infrastructure being ISO 27001 compliant.

Also it is good that Cockpit comes with 2FA out of the box for users.

The user IP address is logged. So there is actually some tracking.