Filter Option, Docs? Need Help!


It is always faster if the filtering is done on the Database instead of PHP. I see there is a filter option on listUsers.

But how to use it since there a no docs…

Yes, but the PHP filtering is only to unset very sensitive data. If you don’t have hundreds or thousands of users, this shouldn’t hurt much.

Have a look at


You can use a short filter syntax, if you send an api request to
/api/cockpit/listUsers?token=xxtokenxx with {"filter":"raffael"}.
It performs a regex search for all users with name user or email, that contains “raffael”.

If you send {"filter":{"user":"admin"}}, it lists the one user “admin”.

Except that, the filtering is the same like everywhere in Cockpit. Just send your filter as get parameter or as json encoded post like this
and get a result set with all users, that are active.

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Thanks! Cockpit is nearly amazing. I looked at Directus but had some UI issues and some API issues. Cockpit is nearly great. There just a couple things I would like to see chanced.

But support is great and cockpit self it also great