Feature Request - Logging

Think that having a logging mechanism can improve Cockpit, it could benefit some business cases where is required to have audit of user actions (actions on contents, users, etc…). It can be implemented maybe as an addon (reacting on the internal hooks) or as a core api functionality.

I would love to see this as an addon first … and if it works out well, maybe include it in the core later

Yeah, that makes more sense :sunglasses:

@artur, here it is https://github.com/pauloamgomes/cockpit-logger-addon, basically its a wrapper for Monolog library with customization via settings ui and I’m handing most of the relevant events, probably this could be handled in a different way to be in the core, but as an addon believe it does what is required. By the way, think could be interesting to have a few more events (login failure and other errors).

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Congratulations! Sure, I’m open for suggestions!