Error 404 on Save via API

I note a few threads but no one seems to say how they fixed it! Any thoughts
I can /get/ fine but as soon as I try and use /save/ i get a 404 error all the details look good (works to get)

Sample url: https://sever/api/collections/save/PlayerStats?token=token&_id=1&UID=3&Credits=1

Any ideas? I’ve tried on two different servers and get the same outcome.

You have to wrap your field names into data, so this should work:

See also:

I get the same result error 404, any other ideas?

Could it be a htaccess issue? With no token provided i get “Unauthorised” but as soon as i supply the key it fails. Adding data[value] gave a 404 as well.

Tried again with a 3rd webserver this time on Lightsail, exactly the same result. If it’s not working with default setups via DO and Lightsail I would say this needs a look at in more detail. I can’t be the only one who hits a brick wall?

That’s by design. You always have to send an api key.

What’s your system (PHP >7, Apache or nginx…)?
Do you use the latest Cockpit version (next branch)?
Which addons do you use?