Display property for Set field

Hi there, I am creating a small tutorial for cockpit, so that the interns can work more easily with it.

While describing the Set field type, I stumbled in a problem (or maybe just lack of knowledge from my side).

I tried to create this field using the UI, where the value of the personal_id field would be displayed to represent this set.

The field was created and I added this entry:

But when I look at the list, it display the name of the field (or uses the value provided as a literal string), instead of the value of the field.

Is my configuration wrong somehow?

You’re very close. Just wrap your field names into {} and it should display the correct value

  "display": "{field1}",
  "fields": [
      "name": "field1",
      "type": "text"
      "name": "field2",
      "type": "text"

via Renderer for set field in backend - #8 by artur


Thanks a lot, that did the trick, the interesting for me is that in a repeater you don’t need to use the curly braces.