Customizing html field toolbar

Hello, I’ve customized an html field (inside a repeater) as below - I removed the “image” button. I would also like to remove the “Finder”, “Asset”, and “Collection link” buttons but I haven’t seen those options in the documentation.

Thanks for any pointers

  "fields": [
      "type": "html",
      "label": "Html Content",
      "options": {
        "toolbar": [

It seems as if these buttons are not adjustable via the config.

The buttons

  • Finder: added if the users group has Finder-privileges
  • Assets: always added

are initially specified in /modules/Cockpit/assets/components/field-html.tag.

The button

  • CollectionLink: always added

is added in /modules/Collections/assets/link-collectionitem.js

App.$(document).on('init-html-editor', function (e, editor) {

One solution would be, to create your own custom field type ( use the field-html.tag file as base, edit it to your liking and copy it into config/tags/).