Collection not updated

I have updated the collection within my CMS but the API link does not show the changes I have made to the data. I have cleared the server cache but still no updates to the content. I am new to the software so I expect it will be something obvious.

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Please provide some more info like Cockpit version, installed addons, SQLite or MongoDB. Otherwise it’s very hard to guess, what your issue might be.

I am using version: 0.11.2

I am running no modifications of plugins, its purely out of the box. I created a collection with a series of text fields and 100 records. Database will be the default one for php.


To clarify…

  1. Did you change an entry and the api doesn’t recognize the change?
  2. Or did you change the field definitions, e. g. a field name?

If 1, my only guess would have been the moderation addon.
If 2, see some related issues:

If not 1 or 2, please provide some steps to reproduce.