Bug: updates to linkCollection (such as name) show in the UI, but do not show in the API/JSON

I have a large collection (collection A) of entries that have collectionLinks to another collection B. I needed to update the name (set as the display) in collection B. However, the name has not updated within the collectionLink within collection A (in the API). I tried doing a batch update to a dummy field, hoping this would trigger an update and the API call for collection A would show the updated names for the collection B links. However, this is not the case.

A CLI command would be really helpful to update or refresh every field within a collection.

This becomes even more important if you have a lot of crosslinking within collections. There needs to be a way to do a mass update.

Collection B name has been changed to include the number (this screenshot is from Collection A’s collectionLink to Collection B)

However, this name change is not present in the collectionLink for Collection A unless every entry is opened and saved:

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