Best practice for: a collection for source references?

For every page in one of my collections I need a field to pick a source from a global list of references. Like footnotes/endnotes in a book.

What’s the best practice for that? I guess i doesn’t make sense to use a (multiple)select-field and to add hundreds or thousands of sources/references in the options.

One idea could be: A collection only for the references and using the Add-On Cockpit-MultipleCollectionLink to choose multiple items from a different collection.

Is that useful? Or does a better solution exist?

Sure. That’s the idea of the collection-link field to fix the restrictions of a non-relational database.

If you store all references and footnotes etc. in the same collection, you don’t even need the MultipleCollectionLink addon. Just add multiple: true to the options of a collection-link field.

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