Api returns int for text value?


I have defined a field called Postcode and set the type text. When I enter postcode 85221 and save the collection even though this field defined as text api converts it to int inside the json. Is this expacted behaviour? How can I force api to return this value as string.


I looked into the database and it happens on save. So it’s not an output problem.

Just tested with commenting out these two lines:

Now int values are stored as strings and the api output is string, too. But I don’t understand why the checks are there. //JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK - without destroying values with leading zeros sounds important.

Thanks for pointing out the correct places. Yes it sounds important but also I believe it should not convert text field values to int values? Maybe the field type check would prevent this misbehavior?

No, it really shoudn’t. Some tests in a simple text field:

42e0    --> 42
42e4    --> 420000
 42     --> 42
  42    --> 42
.42     --> 0.42
4.2     --> 4.2
-42     --> -42
+42     --> 42
4 2     --> "4 2"
42-     --> "42-"
+-42    --> "+-42"

There is no number field/component to check against, but it looks like there was one in the past - https://github.com/agentejo/cockpit/blob/next/modules/Collections/bootstrap.php#L311

@artur Is there a reason for this type conversion?

I created an issue on Github and pointed this discussion. https://github.com/agentejo/cockpit/issues/907

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Fixed in https://github.com/agentejo/cockpit/commit/4a9057541de1b557bdc92e9ea1497a3609732d16

@artur Can you explain, why the check was there? It looked important and it looked like you wrote the MongoLite class yourself in the past. I just want to understand the reason, if something else could break in the future or if other related issues come up in the future.

And I have to correct myself:

See: Number field type

Using this variant and adding “42e3” as an entry leads to “42e3” in the database and the input field in the backend converts its appearance to “42000”.

shouldn’t break anything, I didn’t know back then that the number casting would have such side effects