Addon idea - hierarchy builder

I haven’t looked at addon architecture yet, so I can’t commit to getting this done myself, but it’s an idea I had that I figured was worth sharing.

Basically, the concept is a navigation/menu builder:

  • Allows authors to create the data model for a menu, navigation, sitemap, etc.
  • Would use better slugs
  • Author could identify singletons and collections to build a hierarchy that’s queryable

I guess you do not need an addon for this.

It should be possible to model this idea using different collections and collection links

That’s a good point and I thought about it, but I was thinking of scenarios where an author wants to assign a whole collection to a specific hierarchy. With the collection link, they would have to manually add entries to the hierarchy. I was thinking about how to make the process less cumbersome and less manual that would be easier for authors to do (especially less technical).

That’s right, unfortunately this list is shown as flat - you cannot see that item belongs to other item unless you open it.