Addition metadata fields in gallery image


I would like to add additional custom metadata fields to gallery images. Currently it appears that only “Title” is supported and I would like to add more. E.g. Description, orientation etc…

Do you mean global available asset metadata? Then:

Copy the file cp-assets.tag (source) into /config/tags and modfiy it.

If you copy and paste some sample code:

you can add your custom fields.

<div class="uk-form-row">
    <label class="uk-text-small uk-text-bold">{ App.i18n.get('Orientation') }</label>
    <input class="uk-width-1-1" type="text" bind="asset.orientation">

Elseif you want to add a more meta data to the gallery field, you can add more meta fields in the field options:

    "meta": {
        "title": {
            "type": "text",
            "label": "Title"
        "title": {
            "orientation": "text",
            "label": "Orientation"
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Thanks for the info. Where do I update the meta fields?

Add the meta field definitions to the options of your gallery field:


When you edit an entry, hover over the gallery image


and click on the gear icon

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Great, thank you for your help!