Account Link Field for V2?

Suppose that I have a model called Books, I don’t want to create a new model Authors to link Books model, I just want to link existing users of Cockpit. In V1, I can achieve this by using Account Link but it seems v2 is missing account link field. How can I account link in v2?

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The only built-in way I can think of is linking from another collection with Authors, or using Book._mby (modified by) of Book._cby (created by). The first option I use, works out okay - just does not have all the users automatically, you have to create each one. The second I do not use just because ._mby and ._cby returns just the user ID, not the name or email which are needed more than the ID. We have asked, and for now there is no way to get user account details from the user’s ID. Modifying the API may solve this problem.