A user with specific rights can no longer import/export data. Is it possible to automate backups?


I created a new user on Cockpit with a very specific rights (more informations here). Everything works as I want.

The problem is that now, my user cannot import and/or export collections and singletons (schema and datas). This is annoying, because it was my user who had to take care of the backups.

Is there a solution to re-enable this option for him ?

If not, I wonder if the easiest way would be to automate the exports (collections, singletons (schema and datas) and files in the finder module) via a CRON task, using the Cockpit command line and saving the backups in the cloud (Google Drive, etc.). Have you already done this ? I am at 1and1 - Ionos, I have SSH access and it is possible to run CRON tasks.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe give u the idea


I will see and test this. Thanks.


The plugin works well. But it should be noted that :

  • Singletons entries are not exported. This option does not seem to be provided by the plugin.

  • In API mode, singletons (schema) are not exported by default. I had to modify the code to make it work. As the plugin doesn’t seem to be updated anymore, this is not too much of a problem.

  • Still in API mode, the backup description does not include the backup creation date. I saw that it was possible to customize the description by passing the “description” flag, but this did not work with my cron job script (concatenation of data not possible). I had to modify the code to make it work.