☆List of Cockpit Addons

This thread is supposed be the most current source of working Cockpit Addons.

Official Addons

  • CloudStorage
    Use cloud storage providers to store assets or thumbnails

  • Regions
    Legacy addon removed from Cockpits core (replaced with singletons)

  • Lokalize
    Manage localzation strings for your app in Cockpit

Inofficial Addons


These are addons that have been written by community members.

For these are none-official and mostly none-moderated addons most of them may not be considered “safe” to use. Note that using them is on your own risk. Installing 3rd party addons may torn massive security vulnerabilities into your cockpit installation.

  • Encrypt FieldType
    Once added your field will be encrypted when saved to DB and decrypted upon REST API request.

  • EditButton
    Addon that hacks in a convenient edit button for all regions

  • cockpit_GroupBoundAssets
    Makes uploaded assets belonging to the owner’s group (event for viewing in the asset browser)

  • ImageStyles
    Extends Cockpit core functionality by introducing the possibility to define image styles that can be assigned to image fields.

  • Cockpit-Backup-and-Restore
    Extends Cockpit core functionality by providing a granular and flexible backup and restore mechanism.

  • cockpit-EmailOnSave
    Extends Cockpit core functionality by sending a customized email when a collection is saved.

  • cockpit-import
    Spreadsheet import module for Cockpit CMS.
    Import from CSV files or JSON files (generated by Cockpit collection export functionality)

  • cockpit_ModuleLink
    Module Link Field for Cockpit CMS (link complete collections, singletons and forms)

  • CockpitCms-EditorFormats
    addon that extends core functionality by introducing the possibility to define editor format modes to the WYSIWYG field

  • CockpitCMS-RedisCache
    This addon extends Cockpit CMS core functionality by introducing the possibility to cache API requests using Redis memory storage.

  • CockpitCMS-Helpers
    Addon with a set of useful helpers (that alone don’t justify a new Addon)

  • [original] cockpitCms-groupapi
  • [improved fork of the above addon with ACL checking and code optimization] cockpitCms-groupapi
    Provides an API-endpoint that allows to get any cockpit data grouped up and returned bundled/combined

  • cockpit_rljUtils
    Addon for Cockpit CMS, that adds some hardening, cosmetics and helpers

  • cockpit_BootManager
    Boot Manager for Cockpit CMS ( load modules in a specific order / load modules only if you need them )

  • cockpit-cms-googlemapfield
    Cockpit CMS Addon that provides integration with google map via embedded iframe or dynamically using the Maps API

  • SQL Driver
    This addon allows to use MySQL/ MariaDB/ PostgreSQL databases instead of default Mongo/ SQLite.

  • CockpitCMS-Autosave
    Cockpit CMS add-on with autosave capabilities for collections and singletons

Obsolete Addons

  • field-rating
    Rating field for Cockpit
    Obsoleted because: Cockpit now natively has a rating field

Cockpit localization




Feel free to post any missing addons - I will put them up here.


Why not, create an addon that generate a GeoJSON automatically?
Should be so nice to use that with Leaflet or OpenStreetMap.

Actually i found a workaround in JS:

$.getJSON('https://api.host.com/api/collections/get/places', function(data) {
    var jsonFeatures = [];
        var lat = point.map.lat;
        var lon = point.map.lng;
        var feature = {type: 'Feature',
            properties: point,
            geometry: {
                type: 'Point',
                coordinates: [lon,lat]

	var geoJsonLayer = L.geoJson(jsonFeatures, {
	  onEachFeature: function(feature, layer){
			click: whenClicked
	// Add geoJsonLayer to markercluster group
	markers.on('click', function(e){

		console.log(e.latlng.lat + "," + e.latlng.lng);
		map.setView([e.latlng.lat, e.latlng.lng], 18);

	// Add the markercluster group to the map

Hope this will help someone in the same case as me.

Thanks for the list.

I wrote two addons, too.

unique slugs for collection entries

a form builder and form validator, work in progress

just pushing the thread up again (somehow the pin does not make it keep sticked to the top)

Good work @serjoscha87, think would be useful to have a place for all community addons, a cockpit marketplace or similar where addons can be listed and categorized.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes I thought about the same but someone has to build up such a marketplace. Do you know someone who could do this? :smiley:

I thought about a directory, but the problem is quality control. I would need to check every addon just to make sure that everything works and is implemented as expected. Related to the directory, it would be then also cool to have an addon installer etc.

Hope to have a solution for this in the near future. Or maybe the community provides a solution :slight_smile:

maybe the first step would be a cli command:

./cp install/addon --name namespace/AddonName

also for language

./cp install/language --lang fr


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A directory could also work, there are two main aspects:

  • Quality - that can be handled maybe by the community with a ranking/rating/etc… of the addon, we can have also a set of rules for that the addon must comply (folder structure, basic php rules, etc…)
  • Security - that is a bit more concerning and probably requires validation before an addon is approved, think we need to have you validating that

yep, the CLI command seems a good idea to me, we can maybe think on something similar for what I have in the helpers addon… resuming if and addon provides an info.yaml file with title, description, category that information would be used in the directory/marketplace

Let’s discuss further…

– * push *

updated - should now contain all addons posted up to today… or am I missing any?

@serjoscha87 you can add that one - https://github.com/pauloamgomes/cockpit-cms-googlemapfield

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check :slight_smile:

@serjoscha87 Not sure if this is gonna be useful to many people, but I had a specific need where I cared for number field to actually be of type number even when saved to database:

The relating discussion was here:

I added it to the list, thanks :slight_smile:

I found out about the install utility (./cp install/addon) while browsing the source code - and immediately used it. It was really straightforward and useful to me. I’d love to see it documented somewhere! Bc, it looks like it currently isn’t

Hi everyone can someone help write firebase push notification plugin when entry is saved?
Thank you, much appreciated

@serjoscha87 new add-on - https://github.com/pauloamgomes/CockpitCMS-Autosave


@pauloamgomes added :+1:


I just created this addon (supporting ebspeter’s PR on cockpit)

Moves the modal to the left and removes the background cover when live previewing entries.

Screenshots plases :smiley:

I have created this push notification plugin a while back.
You can use it on the after saving hook

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