Has Cockpit multi.site support?

I am new to Cockpit but I really like it and would love to use it. But I have a special purpose. I am looking for a headless CMS that allows to manage multiple sites. My case is this: I offer a service that contains a white-label portal (React or Gatsby). I will have 1-n clients that will use this portal but each with different content. So in best case I will have 1 CMS that can serve content for 1-n clients/projects, managed by me or themselves. So in admin area I would need to choose for which client I create/edit content and publish to API.

So my question is: Can Cockpit handle multiple-sites/projects like for example ButterCMS or CraftCMS can do?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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I’m also new here but I would assume it can. Since you are able to get all of the data using $.getJSON() you should be able to call that on each site.