Account link related issue

i m trying here to dispaly my account user name in listing. i m using account-link to attach the user data but how can i display the username instead of _id


can anyone help me on above?

I see two options:

  1. Create a custom renderer for the entries view, that calls /accounts/find to get the related user data and display that instead of the id.
  2. Use the event system to replace the ids before they are fetched and displayed.

event system

See Account-Link Display Option - #2 by raffaelj

By the way, this is the first result if you search for “account link” in this forum :wink:


The account-link field doesn’t have it’s own renderer, so the default one is used to display a string.

I wrote a mini tutorial about custom renderers here:

The interesting bit for the id replacement can be found in the core source